wormax.io 2

wormax.io 2 unblocked game is not an updated version, in which the developers have introduced new chips, upgrades and upgrades, and the real one is the second part of the snake and it is somewhat similar to the first, but here Snake has several lives, which gives additional advantages to the player, but also to the enemy. Online support has not gone anywhere, which means that there will be real people on the map, but bots can also be encountered.

How to play Wormax io:

First of all, give Snake a nickname, and then take a look at the section where there are gorgeous skins and they are completely free, but to unlock them you will have to make a repost into one of the social networks. In order for the snake to grow in size, or rather, its long increased, eat fruits, butterflies and other food, and also kill opponents in order to gobble up the remains after them. Three special skills will help lead the battle,

Control: Q or spacebar – acceleration, W – sharp stop, E – invisibility, cursor – direction.

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