Super Mario CrossOver

Mario Crossover is an online adventure of the most popular heroes from Dendy unblocked games in the world of Super Mario. Your former enemies are the Kupa turtles, the Gumba mushrooms and plants. However, the possibilities of the characters and the available bonuses in the game Mario Crossover are much expanded compared to the old game on the console. Each character has its own characteristics and weapons – exactly the same as in its original game on the console. You can play Mario Crossover with one of 6 characters: Mario, Link, Samus, Simon, MegaMan and Bill P of Contra. Control the dandy heroes with the arrow keys, Z for a jump, X acceleration or use of weapons by some characters, S is the second weapon, if there is one. In any case, the tasks in the game Super Mario Crossover remain the same – go through the allotted time level and save the princess.

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