Sonic the Hedgehog 2

“Sonic The Hedgehog 2” unblocked game is the sequel to the famous platformer in which the hero will again have to fight Robotron, this time building the whole space combat station “Egg of Death”. Now he is assisted by the fox Tails, a new character who can be controlled by a second player. The same rings, enemies badniki, bonuses and dizzying speeds, only now are levels 11, and they are divided into 2 acts each. And the Chaos Emeralds in the second part of the game are seven. Another feature of the sequel is the one-on-one mode when activated, players start to compete with each other, dividing the screen into two parts. And after completing the seven levels of the Special Stage and collecting all the emeralds, Sonic becomes the invulnerable Supersonics, who fear only falling into the abyss. Have a nice game!

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