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GameTornado developed Parkour Jump, the same developer who also previously made popular titles, such as Short Life and Lucky Life.

Get ready for a unique super game parkour!
In Parkour Jump, you must perform jumps, tricks and coups down, but be careful with the dangerous obstacles around you.
Each level is simple, but extremely 🚑 dangerous 🚑. Your mission is to jump and perform crazy flips when you jump from roof to roof and have to reach the area of ​​🚩 red flags 🚩.
Avoid dangerous objects such as spikes, chainsaws, sharp objects, circular saws and more.
Each level contains a specific task on which you earn money.
Buy new heroes with improved skills, clothes, accessories and levels, and make crazy jumps and flips in this parkour-inspired simulation game.

Key features:
• 🏃 Parkour 🏃 & Unrealistically unique gameplay.
• 72 different levels.
• 10 different worlds.
• Regular updates.
• Heroes with improved skills.
• Customize heroes and new heroes to unlock.

New levels, features, heroes and accessories will be added regularly! Download Parkour Jump right now to enjoy a high-quality flip-flop and enjoy the craziest parkour adventure!

Parkour is an exciting sport where everyone can demonstrate their dexterity and physical fitness.

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