mutant fighting cup 2

The arena opens its gates to everyone, everyone who is not afraid to meet mutant monsters in the unblocked game Mutant Fighting Cup 2, where each mutant is controlled by players. Initially, each of the players is given control of a dog that is normal at first glance, but as soon as your character meets an opponent, her appearance will change dramatically and only then you will understand how wrong you were and could not even imagine what kind of beast is hiding in this cute creating. Before each exit to the arena of your pet, try to think over the course of the attack in order to be ready for any turn of events, and even to retreat. But don’t think that retreat is losing ground, believe me, sometimes it’s a smart enough step to help build up strength and look at the weaknesses of the enemy. After each battle, you will return to the secret laboratory, where you can create new abilities for your dog monster, and there are a lot of them. Some abilities will be available immediately after the start of the game, and some only after winning and receiving a certain key, which will open access to all add-ons. During the battle, you must not forget to look at the line of life of your pet, otherwise, you will not use the ability to defend and put blocks. The enemy can take advantage of this miscalculation in defense, and then your hero can not say hello.

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