The unblocked game begins with the first click on any cell on the field. When you click on a cell, it opens. If there is a mine in it, then all the mines open up on the field and the game ends in loss. If there is no mine in the cell itself, but there are mines in the neighboring cells, then the number corresponding to the number of mines in the neighboring cells is displayed. If there is no cell either in the cell itself or in the neighboring mines, the cell remains empty and all adjacent empty cells open until cells with non-zero information about the number of mines are reached.

Using a click with the Shift key pressed, you can mark a cell with a check mark (that is, as containing a mine).

Before starting the game, you can specify the number of mines on the field. The more mines hidden, the harder it is to play. By default, the field takes 10 minutes.

After only cells, presumably containing mines, remain unopened on the playing field, the game will check the result and display a message about the success or incorrectness of the proposed mine placement option.

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