Magick Kick

It’s time to show who’s in charge here! In the new game “Magic Kick”, you will become a cool boss. That you will decide the fate of their subordinates and punish the careless employees. If the clerk is lazy and poorly performing his job, then it’s time to fire him. You can do it hard and uncompromisingly, no matter how rough it sounds. You have to give out kicks and blows to workers who have had the reputation of notorious lazy

How to play?
Ahead of you waiting for ten levels, where you have to not just kick an employee until the very exit, but also complete several tasks. At each level, you need to complete three tasks, for each of which you will receive a gold star. To go to the next level you need two stars, and only then the castle will open and you can go further. To get to the exit, you have to properly aim and kick the person so that he flew there in the blink of an eye. It will be a difficult, but very productive day. Good luck!

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