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Penguins are being hurt again, saying that they do not know how to fly. But this is not entirely true. The guys have been training for a long time and have already managed to learn something. The game “Learn to Fly 2” will be proof of that. This is a continuation of the toy of the same name, so that the comrades had time to develop some skills, and now they are ready to show them to you. As you remember from the previous unblocked game, before your ward did little that worked. Finally, it dawned on him that nature did not give him wings of sufficient size, and he could not soar into the air without additional funds.

But no one intends to give up. Now I’ll be helping him play rockets, and of course you will. So get ready, because now there will be an epic spectacle. In “Learn To Fly 2” you have only a few attempts, so be attentive, and before clicking on the launch of the rocket, calculate the trajectory of its flight. It is difficult to play without knowledge of physics and mathematics, since it is necessary to make calculations. But if you took up this case, then bring it to the end.

In general, enjoy the continuation of the story of the hapless penguin who dared to dream. The game “Learn to Fly 2” was his chance to be in the sky. Help the guy get trained and become a true flight professional. Let him ride a rocket, but he will fly, and understand how beautiful it is. You’ll see, you yourself will be pleased to see an enthusiastic expression on his attractive face.

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