Intrusion 2

It is with great pleasure that we present the continuation of the “sharp action movie”, which managed to become popular over the entire existence. So meet -Intrusion 2, the new part of the shooter unblocked game, where your hero copes with all the difficulties while completing the missions assigned to him. The plot is certainly not new, but the execution makes you return to the game over and over again and complete missions. Someone may recall the old well-known games that we played on the first game consoles, but it is not true to compare these games, as in this game everything graphic and physical characteristics are several orders of magnitude higher. Let’s get down to the game since your soldier is entrusted with destroying enemy bases on an alien planet, where new types of weapons of mass action are being actively developed. During the mission, your soldier can meet with various characters, both living and robotic, but the former, as well as the latter, desire only one thing – to destroy your hero and prevent him from climbing too far.

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