Gravity Guy

we are headed to the world of the future, which has already come in the game “Gravity Guy.” The game is a runner in a futuristic style, in which you control the hero in the image of the robot. He has special shoes that hold him on the ground and allow him to move around. But for this, he must necessarily cling to any objects in order to continue the path. The guy can walk both upsides down, and at the usual pace. Gravity is a powerful force that can carry our hero deep into the clouds. Therefore, in this game, you have to find a foothold in order to continue the movement.

You will be chased by a villain who also moves famously along the platform. If he catches up with you, then you lose. You need to run as far as possible. To do this, click the left mouse button so that the hero can then go down, then rise to the surface. The game “Gravity Boy” is designed for one or two players. Together, undoubtedly more fun to pass through unusual obstacles. Good game!

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