Get On Top

Funny game for two, where you need to overcome your opponent, forcing him to hit his head. The game is endless and you can, the points earned by each player are shown on his side.

Control keys:

WASD – 1st player
Arrows – 2nd player

Get on Top Mobile

Get on Top Mobile: Today we want to introduce you to the game Get on Top Mobile. In it you will participate in an interesting match. Before you on the screen will be visible two robots. They will stand holding hands. As soon as the signal sounds, you will begin to pull everyone to your side. Your task is to keep your balance and not let your character fall. Remember that in the legs you have rocket nozzles installed that will help you keep your balance. The one who first falls to the floor will lose the round. So be extremely careful and react quickly to changes in the situation. In the game Get on Top Mobile you can play against both the computer and against another player.

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