Geometry Neon Dash

In the unblocked game “Geometry Neon Dash”, you continue to get acquainted with the exciting geometric world. Your character will, as before, be a funny square with a cute face. He will travel through the unknown world of geometric figures and overcome obstacles that will meet in his way. In the game “Geometry Dash Neon” you have to demonstrate all the agility and maneuverability that you are only capable of. Your square will rush forward rapidly, and your task in time to overcome the sharp spiky triangles and other traps that are in store for you in abundance. During the game, you will collect gold stars. For them, you can buy a new skin for your square. This can be Iron Man, Naruto, Hello Kitty, Trollface, Red, Spider-Man, Minecraft-style man, Sonic, Mario, Pikachu and many others. This great skill game will give you a good mood and test your endurance. Good luck

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