Flip Master

Have you ever jumped on a trampoline in real life? Unfortunately, this amazing entertainment is not available everywhere or always. Therefore, it is so nice to try all these jumps and tricks in the virtual world. Of course, everyone can easily climb on the trampoline and jump, even toddlers from kindergarten. But to demonstrate complex tricks is already a sign of excellence. And to achieve this level will have on long trainings. If you have never approached the trampolines and have no idea what to do and how, then do not worry – the game will have a training mode. A few short workouts and you will master the basic actions and control of the character.

Your character is able to jump up. Make these jumps very high. When you cope with this first task, try to master more complex numbers. For example, flips with one or more coups in different directions. A separate trampoline has been prepared for each level, the location of the projectile will also constantly change. You can jump and demonstrate tricks in the circus arena and in the park. Each successful jump and cleanly performed trick will be paid for with one or more coins. They can buy workouts, discover new cards and characters.

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