The game EvoWars.io is a war of evolution, in which the hero is in fact constantly evolving, but the truth is that this rebirth occurs to a certain level and the more enemies are destroyed, the more chances to become a powerful super monster. It will be necessary, to begin with, an ordinary person, similar to a primitive inhabitant, and in the form of a weapon, there will be an ordinary cudgel made of wood. After the transition to a new look, the tool itself grows so that it is much easier to kill opponents. Every second new warrior appears on the map, and in every corner, someone is waiting.

How to play Evowars io:

Naturally, think up a nickname for a fighting guy and go watering your enemies. The server will be selected automatically so that the gameplay will fly without lags. Skins are opened only when certain levels are reached, and some of them share a link. Developers, by the way, provides for stretching to full screen, which is much more convenient.

game control: right click – accelerates the soldier, left – beats, movement – the cursor.

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