The thirst for gold once again forced the brave dwarves to embark on the danger.
Go on a long journey for great treasures. Manage the gnome troops, help them achieve wealth. Bring your team to perfection, fighting with hordes of enemies. Reach the end and find out how this journey will end …

What games influenced:
1.Cursed Treasure
2.Age of War
3.Kingdom Rush

Actually classic fantasy setting. You can fight for the gnomes, and you will face goblins, marsh inhabitants and lava monsters.
In total there will be 4 classes of dwarfs, which during the level can be pumped and eventually choose one of two specializations. At the completion of the level of experience is reset.
All the classics seasoned with magical skills and auxiliary pieces from Magaz.
You call warriors, they kill enemies, for this they experience and gold for which you can either buy new warriors or upgrade available skills.

I started playing the game a long time ago, 2 more years ago. Although there have been attempts to make it on a flash before, all undertakings ended in nothing)
For 2 years, managed to change the mechanics 3 times, tormented himself with the artists. But, finally, I am pleased that it all turned out and I expose everything to your judgment)

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