City Siege 3

Starting the game, you can choose any of the available game characters. First, however, will have to settle for one hero. In the future, passing the levels and earning bonus points, you will get the opportunity to play with new characters, the unique characteristics of which will be created by you personally.
Having chosen a hero, you can buy some useful property or additional abilities for him and only then go directly to the game.


In the game spaces your character moves with the help of the keys “A” and “D” (back and forth) and “W”, which is responsible for jumping.
You can also use the control arrows “left”, “right” and “up” on the keyboard and their combinations.
The sight at the targets and shooting are done with the left button of the computer mouse.
Do not forget to collect bonus stars, they further increase your bonus account. For each destroyed enemy, you will also receive bonuses that you can spend to acquire new useful properties and weapons.

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