Barry Has a Secret

Barry Has a Secret: A terrible story happened to a simple guy who, like everyone else, went to work and did no harm to anyone. He was exemplary and the residents of the apartment building could not get enough of him. Every morning he greeted all the neighbors and helped the duty officer on duty, after which he went to work. So went day after day, and it would seem that everything was smooth with him, until something strange happened to him. What happened to him? To answer this question you need to plunge into the eerie atmosphere of the game Secrets of Bari, in which we will visit a pretty sweet guy’s home, where he will tell you everything that has been happening to him lately. He noticed everything only after one day he came home and found that everything in his apartment was turned upside down. Only then did he realize that that stranger, who was escorting him constantly to and from work, was just watching him, and he was doing it rather brazenly. But after all, Barry is an ordinary guy and there is nothing to take from him, therefore in his apartment, there is an object of searches. Help Barry find out the secret of his apartment.

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