Bad Ice Cream 4

Now you are waiting for the four-part of the unblocked game, dedicated to the adventures of evil ice cream. In the game “Bad Ice Cream 4”, you can plunge into new adventures. After all, now, the game has new characters. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint, sorbet, and chewing gum ice cream were joined by licorice ice cream and ice cream with fried bacon. Here is a surprise, so a surprise! After choosing a character, you need to go for fruit. Avoid enemies by fencing off them with ice blocks. If the blocks interfere, then break them and go forward. To successfully complete the level, you need to collect all the fruits and escape from all the enemies. If two players play, then the rules are the same, only you will compete for fruit among themselves – who is bigger! Even if one player is caught by enemies, the level will only pass when the remaining player collects the remaining fruits. Have a nice game!

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