Army of Ages

In this game, you have to prove that your army is the strongest, at least on the planet where you live. So, at first, everything starts from ancient times, when water was carried in buckets, and they fought with wooden swords … But time passes, your enemies change, and you along with them. By accumulating experience, you can improve your base, thereby changing the level of your troops. Now the sticks are turned into firearms, and the arrows in the sky are used in military aircraft. All this can be developed by improving the characteristics. To improve the speed of response, movement, health, time of the release of military equipment. In the end, you can oppose all this to a hostile civilization, and in the future to defeat it.
The game is a military strategy, where you need to develop your strength, to resist, and also to win. In addition to all natural forces, you can use additional auxiliary forces. These are arrows from the sky, a rolling wheel, a meteorite, etc. The challenge in the game will be the victory for the minimum possible time.
Control of the game army of ages: with the mouse, you can control all the options in the game.

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